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bee movie is rated pg for parental guidance
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Anonymous asked:
do you personally think jhene aiko isn't a very good singer live and opinions on this?



I think she does amazing live. People seem to forget that she’s new to the “mainstream fame”, so with these tours and shows almost every day, live TV performances with hundreds of thousands of people watching, it’s very easy to get nervous, she’s said a few times she’s been nervous and is not yet totally comfortable in front of the camera. It sucks when people harshly judge her by these performances alone and base her who artistry on them. She’s an amazing song writer, amazing person and she has the voice of an angel. They make is seem like “oh she can’t sing, she’s wack and fake” and it’s like uhhhh…  she’s sang ACapella  and sang live on many occasions where she sounded flawless, but she IS human and people get nervous, they expect her to step out and be perfect but they don’t understand the pressure. She’s also said she’s never worried about sounding exactly the same as the track because she just lets the feeling flow…. so anyone who has the nerve to think she can’t sing really needs to do some research because that’s not the case, it’s simply nerves,

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